Electronic devices development:

  • The development from the first idea, by the customer needs
  • The basic research of basic elements (the type of microcontrollers, the type of PCB boards)
  • Own developments (outfits) using two families of microcontrollers (Microchip and Infineon)
  • Cases forms – from standard to BGA
  • The preparation and the arrangement with elements suppliers
  • Schema development (hierarchically style schema development)
  • The PCB board development, after ERC (electrical rule check)
  • All development is performed with two software (PCAD and Altium Designer)
  • It is possible also FPGA and VHDL development
  • The development for cases of electronic devices is performed with Solidworks and Citia software
  • Testings and case development, to the very end, is performed by standard ECAD/MCAD procedure with Solidworks or directly with Altium Designer

The software production:

  • The basic drivers software development for microcontrollers (C, C++)
  • Windows and Linux applications and software development
  • .NET, SQL Base
  • Microchip and Analog Design software encirclements

The production:

  • semi-automatic production line, two lines for assembly by hand
  • Test production (HM1, HM2, trial mass production (TMP1, TMP2))
  • Mass production for up to 250.000 pieces annually
  • The testing of produced devices – camera and automatic (control device SAKI)
  • Packaging, automatic and by hand
  • Device testing (temperature, IP protection, device ageing)